Sean Butcher

About Me

Hello there! I’m Sean Butcher – AKA the Trail Hiker.

To me there’s nothing better for clearing the mind than putting on a pair of boots, getting out in the open and exploring the miles and miles of public footpaths that are available to us.

This blog is a space where I can share some of my experiences with you as I find new paths and areas to enjoy.

Why walking?

Sean Butcher

I’ve always loved walking and the sense of freedom it provides. However it wasn’t until I moved to an area just a hundred metres or so away from the Thames Path that I realised how much I wanted to get out and explore as much as I can, with just my feet to carry me.

Whether it’s the tried and tested walking routes or discovering hidden gems, there’s so many amazing places just waiting to be found by getting out of the car and onto the paths.

I don’t want to regret not seeing and learning about the amazing countryside we have here in the UK, as well as discovering places even further afield.

Why would anyone want to spend the weekend traipsing around the shopping centre with the crowds??

What is trail hiking?

Sean at Oxford Canal sign

Whilst I would love to spend all of my time walking, with a job and bills to pay this just isn’t possible.

Trail hiking is my way of enjoying long distance walking in stages – splitting routes over the course of multiple weekends, or just whenever I can.

The majority of walks on this blog will be designed to be tackled in stages, allowing you to come back and carry on where you left off when time allows.

I’ll let you know whether there’s easily accessible public transport to take you back to the starting point of your walk. I’ll also cover walks which may require two cars to be left at the start and end points, as well as tackle some circular walking routes.

Who do I walk with?

Me and Hannah on Oxford Canal

I’m fortunate to have a lovely wife who also enjoys walking. You’ll see Hannah (who blogs at appearing regularly in my photos, setting the pace as she likes to do.

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